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Live for the Ding?

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Live for the Ding is the non-stop free to play, easy to learn but difficult to master reaction challenge. It's the ultimate zero-investment, hypercasual micro-session game. An endless runner, but with buttons.


The game that you play between games.

How to Play

Live for the Ding features a single monochrome interface, the focus of which are two buttons that display the words either 'Ding' or 'Dong' and a countdown timer – a very fast countdown timer.


The gameplay is so simple that it can be summed up in just four words – Press Ding, not Dong.

And that's it.

No, seriously.

See a Ding, press a Ding

See a Ding?
Press a Ding.

See two Dings, press two Dings

See two Dings?

Press two Dings.

See a Dong, stay away from the Dong

See a Dong?

Stay away from the Dong.

Win medals, compete with friends

Rack up points. Win medals.

Compete with friends.

Wait for the Ding. Focus on the Ding.


non-stop simple gameplay


Ding! Dong! Dead. Retry.

The restart process in Live for the Ding has been carefully timed to reduce down time between games and to keep you  playing.

Light file size for quick and easy download

The Live for the Ding app size is kept to a minimum to save your phone memory and data plan.

Light file size for quick and easy download
neutral, minimalistic interface

Neutral, minamalistic interface

Every graphical element plays a part in Live for the Ding, but for now just focus on the buttons.

Compete with friends and online

Compete with friends and online

The single digit incremental score can be shared via text or social media and allows you to easily compare with friends.

Keep track of your progress with achievement medals

Keep track of your progess with achievement medals

What medal have you unlocked? Medal 2? Medal 3? Somewhere, someone you know has unlocked medal 4.

No in-game currency

No in-game currency

With no coins, gems, bonuses or boosts there’s no quick route to a high score. It’s a level playing field where only the best will ascend to the highest ranks.

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